Thanks so much for taking the time to read my TOS.

It's here so all parties know the terms that we're working together on.


Please keep my style in mind when you choose a subject/character. I have a style that leans very cartoony with exaggerated and cute features. So if you prefer your subject/character look more realistic, I am not the best artist for you. 

I have a fairly quick turn around. Most commissions will be completed in two weeks or less. I will update you if for any reason this changes.


Minor alterations are fine during the sketch phase. Once your sketch is approved I move unto inking and coloring quite quickly so there won’t be another progress image. If you need something changed after completion, if not an err on my part, depending on the difficulty there will be a small fee for my time. Things like a quick color change on a flat colored image won’t have a charge but say you’d want a color change on a watercolor painting that would require a lot more work or perhaps even a complete redo. Let me know if you'd like more progress pictures! I am happy to provide.


Please do not alter my artwork other than cropping for an icon. If it’s anything other than that just send me a message and I’ll edit it for you. Depending on the edit there may be a fee, just ask and I’ll gladly give you a quote.


Feel free to post your commission on social media or your online gallery but please link to one of my art galleries, or my website. That way I get credit and if anyone is also interested in a commission they know where to find me! I provide a smaller watermarked version of the image for posting online and I’d appreciate if you’d only use that for sharing, the unwatermarked, larger images are for your eyes only. You are also welcome to print out your illustration, as long as it is only for you and not for sale.

I take payment only through Square and in USD only.


If you need a refund before I start work, then you are welcome to it 100%. However once I start work you’ll only be able to receive a partial refund to cover the work I have completed. If I have only finished the sketch, you will get back your payment minus the cost of a sketch and then the sketch is yours. Once a commission is completed, there will be no refunds. Alterations can be made if there are any errors, as mentioned above.


I have the right to refuse or cancel a commission for any reason. If I cancel on you, then you will receive a full refund regardless of how complete your commission may be. I don't foresee this happening, but wanted to mention just in case.


Unless discussed prior, my artwork is not to be used for commercial purposes. I am open to licensing my work, just include that in your commission request and we can work out pricing.

Feel free to contact me at anytime, I’m happy to speak with you!

VA “Delle” Waddell